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so yesterday after a very interesting afternoon, as we’re sitting around trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our evening, i receive a call from my little brother informing me that my uncle, aunt, and cousin are all in the west penn burn unit.

apparently they had been camping, and it was a chilly night so they were using some kind of gas heater. one of the elements had gone out, leaving the gas to build up. for how long i really don’t know. apparently then my aunt opened the camper door which was enough to ignite the build up of gas.

my aunt has third degree burns over her hands, face and arms. my uncle has the same. my little cousin has third degree burns over his hands and legs. another cousin was also there, but was sleeping at the time and managed to roll out of the burning camper with only a burnt thumb which is pretty amazing considering that the camper is now apparently toast.

this happened very early saturday morning. there’s no point in my going to pittsburgh to help out because apparently they have plenty of that and there’s virtually nothing that can be done. apparently everyone should be fine. skin grafts are scheduled for tuesday.

as my dad told me last night the best thing i can do is pray. i’ve never really lamented my lack of religion or spiritual belief system in my life. this incident leaves me almost wishing i had something to pray to; at least it would give me something to do that felt even remotely productive


my top 10 according to itunes:

1. The seed 2.0
by the roots/cody chesnutt
2. make them apologize
by ani difranco
3. 99 problems
by DJ danger mouse
4. water
by aesop rock
5. gold dust woman
by hole
6. origami
by ani difranco
7. fire door
by ani difranco
8. punk rock academy
by atom and his package
9. carolina carol beta
by DJ marky
10. naked eye
by luscious jackson


It appears that in China human hair has been used as a base for soy sauce production in at least one facility.

“By producing soy sauce from such raw materials, the producers were said (to be) able to cut costs by half. Workers employed at the plants, however, never bought soy sauce marked as ‘blended’ on the packaging, because that usually meant that human hair was the basic material in the sauce.”

it seems that everyone else is doing it. it also seems like a good way to organize what’s monopolizing the grey matter.

fifty things on my mind

1. networking
2. nanotechnology
3. what makes people violent
4. linear regression
5. should i upgrade my bike?
6. getting in shape
7. quantification
8. video games
9. the frailty myth
10. do i want another degree
11. doing “good”
12. i hate indiana
13. finding a house and a new place to live when we’re done with school
14. cluster analysis
15. puppies
16. missing friends from home
17. the intersection of virtual bodies and identities
18. james dobson
19. buddhism
20. recovering pentecostal christians
21. i would cut off a few fingers to go to a good party
22. why no clothing fits properly
23. women’s undergarments
24. kittens
25. public health
26. what kind of job do i want when i graduate
27. moving abroad
28. anti-feminist women
29. what if roe v. wade is overturned
30. learning postgresql
31. wishing i had more time
32. buying a sewing machine
33. becoming self sufficient
34. missing the city
35. becoming proficient with R
36. chi-square testing
37. helping professions
38. can i get accepted to a phd program?
39. the east coast
40. how do people have kids in graduate school
41. metadata schema
42. how do practicing medical professionals access information?
43. how do poor people access digital information?
44. how do we discover information resources?
45. the house needs cleaned
46. growing food in urban spaces
47. health insurance reform
48. how to get my brother to go to college
49. finding grant money
50. finding a conference appropriate to submit a presentation proposal

horror of all horrors, today i dropped my powerbook.

after working in the SLIS office, then going to my metadata class, i then went to attend a meeting where i proceed to whip my laptop case out of my bag – and out flies my PB. it dropped to the carpet (thank god) where it suffered a nice thumb-sized dent in the left hand corner. fortunately it works perfectly. pics to come.

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