so yesterday after a very interesting afternoon, as we’re sitting around trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our evening, i receive a call from my little brother informing me that my uncle, aunt, and cousin are all in the west penn burn unit.

apparently they had been camping, and it was a chilly night so they were using some kind of gas heater. one of the elements had gone out, leaving the gas to build up. for how long i really don’t know. apparently then my aunt opened the camper door which was enough to ignite the build up of gas.

my aunt has third degree burns over her hands, face and arms. my uncle has the same. my little cousin has third degree burns over his hands and legs. another cousin was also there, but was sleeping at the time and managed to roll out of the burning camper with only a burnt thumb which is pretty amazing considering that the camper is now apparently toast.

this happened very early saturday morning. there’s no point in my going to pittsburgh to help out because apparently they have plenty of that and there’s virtually nothing that can be done. apparently everyone should be fine. skin grafts are scheduled for tuesday.

as my dad told me last night the best thing i can do is pray. i’ve never really lamented my lack of religion or spiritual belief system in my life. this incident leaves me almost wishing i had something to pray to; at least it would give me something to do that felt even remotely productive

  1. Anonymous said:

    Jaleh says: I am so sorry to hear that!

  2. julia said:

    God, I’m so sorry–that’s really terrifying. I hope your aunt, uncle and cousins are in good spirits.

  3. sarah said:

    i appreciate all your good wishes

  4. Anonymous said:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your family, Sarah. I hope they do well.


  5. Anonymous said:

    Thats terrible. Sorry to hear about that and I hope everyone ends up working out for them. Dan.

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