so i called my dad today and it is skin graft day for my family. apparently everything looks okay. my aunt and uncle should come off of the ventilator soon (my aunt is a smoker and my uncle used to work in the infamous west virginia coal mines, so they’re being extra careful). the thing that really sucks is my teenage cousin suffered most of the burns on his legs which will have to be completely immobile once the grafts are stapled on so that they will take. my dad says being in the hospital is driving the poor kid nuts.

  1. Anonymous said:

    At the risk of being insensitive, I demand that you have some kind of “Yes, I agree to view terrifying images” page before you show stuff like that…

    Being burned that badly is one of my deepest fears, truth be told.

    Everyone should know that Sarah shoulder-surfed while I made this post, and actually had the gall to edit for typos.


  2. Allison said:

    I hope the surgery turns out well for them; i’m sending get well vibes as I write.

    did you get that image from Heal? ;) I didn’t know they put skin through that little meat processor first. Pretty interesting.

  3. sarah said:

    nope. i got it from pub med. i thought it was really cool because the burns seem to cover such a large part of their bodies i was trying to figure out how they would take such a large portion of skin without doing a lot of damage, but this graphic certainly answered that question.

    thanks for the vibes. ^_^

  4. Anonymous said:

    Glad to hear that things are looking up. $positive_statement. -Dan

  5. Anonymous said:

    Jaleh says: wow! i never really thought about skin grafting before or how its done. i am glad to hear that your fam is well though.

  6. i hope everyone comes out of this alright. I dont pray but i am thinking good thoughts for your family.

  7. Winnie said:

    Perhaps they should hang a TV from the ceiling for your cousin? Hope all goes well!

  8. sarah said:

    apparently the kid has a dvd/playstation, 6 games, and a tv/vcr in his room. at this point i think he just wants to move around. they’re a really out-doorsey family.

  9. sarah said:

    by the way winnie, it’s good to hear from you again!–>

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