How to Survive Creative Burnout

like Amy & Julia, I am feeling the burn. I had a very difficult, frustrating but ultimately rewarding spring semester.

now i am fried.

what sucks is my relaxing summer has turned into virtual drudgery. at the moment i’m in class 7 hours a week, working 30-36 hours a week, volunteering 9, and working on a research project with a group of students and professors. the second summer session will be about the same.

i want like a week off, i’d like to see my friends and family guilt free, and i think i’m ready to get the hell out of indiana – although i won’t be finished with the program until 2005-06.

on the upside, my class next session should be way fun. i’ll be redesiging my alma mater’s Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies site. (actually does anyone have any thoughts about its current state? i think i’m going to have a decent amount of leeway with it). pete and i have started running again and biking when we can – it’s great. we’ve only really been @ it for 3 weeks or so and already i feel better. hopefully we’ll be able to head up to vermont near the end of july and perhaps do some camping later.

I suppose things are looking up, but we’re going to be here, in the program, running the hamster wheel for some time to come.


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