warm fuzzy

if you’re inclined to get a an animal companion, i’ve made it easy for you – just scroll to the bottom of the page!

  1. Weird! We were just at the Chittenden County Humane Society looking for kitties yesterday… We saw the sweetest little tabby that had been shaved … it was wacky. His fur was growing back and he was just as nice as could be (he gave A kisses) and made me soooooo thankful that there are places out there like that.

  2. sarah said:

    yay! i kind of figured that you guys would be in the market for a kitty soon!

    who shaved the poor thing?

  3. not really sure who took the clippers to it or what exactly happened. poor thing! he was so sweet though.

    while we were there we also found out about this awesome program that the HSCC has called “fostering”. Apparently, you can foster an animal for a period to see if it gets along w/ your existing pets (or kids) so that if they’re incompatible you can bring them back. It’s going to work out great for us. Pick out a nice mellow cat and then see if the rabbit eats it or not…

  4. sarah said:

    heh heh heh. that’s so cool. when you get the little thing, you must post pics!

  5. julia said:

    Petfinder is so much fun! I’m currently drooling over a little old toothless Chihuahua-boy named Peaches. Aww. How great for you to post the featured pet down there! It sure does tempt a person…

  6. sarah said:

    you could have piggies and puppies! (i.am.such.a.loser.)

  7. Peaches! (“It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again…”)

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