wrangler vacation

as i posted on the wrangle i thought that i’d blog the vacation idea here to get peoples thoughts as well.

in chatting with various wranglers, and as a result of mark’s recent visit it has come to light that a wrangler vacation might be in order. perhaps something relatively cheap, but someplace interesting that we all have to travel to get to. if we plan now for next summer, we can probably plan around it and make the necessary arrangements together, and more cheaply.

a camping trip might be nice and relatively cheap. some people might even have spare camping equipment like extra packs or tents, etc. to go around for those who don’t have them and aren’t interesting in buying them. someplace where those who wanted could lounge about outside and read or go hiking or swimming, etc. mark and pete both mentioned the grand tetons or rocky mountain. if necessary we could all plan to meet up @ the airport and split the cost of a rental van or suv or whatever to get to the park. because it would be so cheap to camp, we might be able to stay for a week or so, if everyone could dig the time out of their schedule.

another idea is to “test drive” Vancouver BC and large it there for a few days and see if its livable. even if it’s not i’m sure it’s a fun bloody time. hell, i may even eat the seafood there. this vacation would probably have to be shorter, perhaps 3 or 4 days. but we could all arrange to stay in the same bb or hotel and run around for a few days. i’m sure there are great bars in vancouver.

anyway, it’s just a thought, but might be a creative way for all of us to get together and spend more than an evening with each other. frankly i’d like to hang out for a few weeks, but like that’s going to happen unless we all move to the same city :).

thoughts? other location ideas? would this even be viable and interesting?


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