i made it

the first class is over, 2 to go. no one threw rocks, most of my 10 students smiled and thanked me as they left so it couldn’t have gone too badly i suppose, or all of them majored in drama as undergraduates…

next up is wednesday!

  1. Winnie said:

    If they thanked you, you must have done an awesome job!

  2. word. somehow i doubt all of them could have been drama undergrad majors…

  3. I’m sure they didn’t ahte you or anything. You will be surprised how receptive and kind the evals will be (with a few exceptions of course but thats usually from the stupid frat kid) trust me, i tell jackie this at the end of every semester when she worries about her evaluations, and every time they give her glowing reports.

    i found that students, young kids in college in the midwest, really just are not good at communicating in person how they liked the class. The whole attitude they have of being detached is part of being young i suppose.

    congrats though, it gets easier!

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