lost photos

so we finally found the cable that facilitates dumping all the photos from the camera into iphoto yesterday – thank god! i haven’t been able to find it for like 3 months. anyway, here are some photos that would have been posted long ago had the cable been more readily available…

here’s a photo of my new tattoo, taken the evening that i got it.

a photo from the last evening of mark’s visit where we played risk and ploughed through the last of the beer

and 2 photos from new year’s. i miss these guys ;_;

john and mark looking both intoxicated and suspicious

amy and tim demonstrate just what a bunch of geeks we are.

  1. julia said:

    What does the banner say? It looks nice!

  2. Winnie said:

    “Books are weapons in the war of ideas”

    I like that.

    Very cool tattoo.

    Are those beads of sweat to the right?

  3. sarah said:

    nope. i’d just hopped out of the shower.

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