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the pope encourages women to pop out babies, and in the meantime…make your man a sandwich



like pete, allison, booger, and nick i am drowning in the depths of metadata. however, i was granted an extension (even though i didn’t ask for one).

the upside? i don’t have to kill myself.

the downside? when everyone else is done @ 5PM today, i’ll still be working.

all together though, not bad in my opinion. and i think i understand it a lot better now….

back to the grind.

so when i should be @ work, I’m @ home and feeling crappy. after working in the lab yesterday, and playing r-ball w/pete, we met up w/Allison @ Bear’s. after i finished eating i felt totally horrible. i don’t think it was anything wrong with what i ate, but i do think that my stomach wasn’t happy with the combination of things that i decided to feed to it. so i’m taking part of the day off. ugh. this will give me a bit more time to work on metadata, but i’d rather be feeling better. but the cats are hanging out on the bed with me, which is very nice.

so below is the map of all of the states that i’ve ever been in:

create your own personalized map of the USA

i think it made the blog rounds a few months back. it’ll be interesting to expand that a bit to include states further west as pete and i make our road trip. it’s shaping up to include time in Denver, the grand tetons, yellowstone, and jackson hole wy, salt lake city, UT and then one of the parks in ut – perhaps arches np. we’ll see what the trip brings.

i’m in a total funk. everything is pissing me off. and i have 2 big projects due, one next week, and the other in like 3 weeks. i know they’ll get done. they always do, but i’m just tired, and fried. not having a break after that killer spring semester is a mistake – dear god. and we’re going to visit my family this weekend an i’m going to feel bad about needing to work there, but what else can we do? i miss my friends and i am thoroughly sick of indiana. bleh.

not to be a total downer:

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