i’m in a total funk. everything is pissing me off. and i have 2 big projects due, one next week, and the other in like 3 weeks. i know they’ll get done. they always do, but i’m just tired, and fried. not having a break after that killer spring semester is a mistake – dear god. and we’re going to visit my family this weekend an i’m going to feel bad about needing to work there, but what else can we do? i miss my friends and i am thoroughly sick of indiana. bleh.

not to be a total downer:

  1. julia said:

    You guys must be beat. How many courses are you taking this summer? I hope you get a break before the fall. Don’t forget to come visit us when you guys have a couple days off! We’re finally going to check out some nightlife here–and we need partners in crime!

  2. Anonymous said:

    BAG CAT!!1!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Piss it. Don’t do any of it. If enough of us just stop turning stuff in they can’t touch us.

  4. I’m sorry, sweetie. At least with all of the sucking-ness of the moment, you can remind yourself that you’re getting more of grad school out of the way…and hence less time to spend in Indiana. I can’t wait to see you guys again….

  5. jackie said:

    sarah! once you finish, you’ll be glad you were there, and all of indiana will seem like a faint memory.

    we miss you too! good luck dear!

  6. sarah said:

    thanks for all of the nice comments! i think the worst part about it is the fact that i question whether or not this was the best program for us – but @ this point it makes the most sense to stick it out! i think i’ve made the decision to overload on classes this fall (3 classes, 2 info-sci, 1 lib, and 1 indep study) so we can definately graduate dec 2005, and then i know i won’t have to take more than 3 classes per semester for the remainder of our time here and can take 9 credits next summer instead of 12.

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