location, location, location

anyone who’s spoken to me at any length over the past 6 months or so knows that the issue of where we’ll live when we get the hell out of bloomington is something that’s constantly in the back of our minds. i think we’re really leaning towards returning to the east coast, namely baltimore or DC, (pete would prefer baltimore, i myself would love to live in DC) but at the end of the day we need jobs and that might dictate where we go more than anything else. and the prospect of embarking on the adventure of moving someplace totally different, does have it’s own allure.

so under the influence of jaleh, bill, and stacey, i decided to take the little find your spot survey with the cute puppy graphic and see what it advised. It seems to have produced at the very least results that warranted investigation for everyone else.

My top picks according to find your spot:

1. Little Rock, Arkansas
2. Hartford, Connecticut
3. Providence, Rhode Island
4. Portland, Oregon
5. New Orleans, Louisiana
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
7. New Haven, Connecticut
8. Baltimore, Maryland
9. Worcester, Massachusetts
10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
11. Corvallis, Oregon
12. Natchitoches, Louisiana
13. Charleston, West Virginia
14. Alexandria, Louisiana
15. Honolulu, Hawaii
16. Salem, Oregon
17. Chicago, Illinois
18. Fayetteville, Arkansas
19. Frederick, Maryland
20. Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana

you have to be fucking kidding me. you could not pay me enough to live in some of these places. i asked for a major metro area. good public transportation and public schools were ranked highly on my list, along with a strong gay and lesbian community, and lots of spanish speakers and i said that i liked snow. so please, can someone explain to me how frederick ended up on this list? it has no public transportation to speak of and a mexican restaurant. often have i thought while driving up 95 through hartford, “thank god i don’t live here. it looks like a cold concrete box.” where the hell is natchitoches anyway? and why are there multiple selections on this list that have a population of just over 50,000? that’s smaller than bloomington, and i hope i never live in a town this small again. and i wouldn’t even go on vacation in las vegas.

there are some obvious hits on the list, baltimore, chicago, portland. all of which we’ve considered. but where’s DC, boston, denver?

this reminds me of taking those perfect job quizzes in high school that were meant to give you an idea of what you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life. everybody else’s produced reasonable results, i got things like cook, or math teacher. things that i would never ever want to spend the bulk of my time doing. i guess i’m some weird, test taking anomaly.

  1. Is this more what your list should have looked like?

    Except for the Cali places, the fucking housing prices over there, this list is pretty much everything i had thought it would be. I dunno, perhaps jackie and i should take a second look at cajun country.

    Long Beach, California
    Los Angeles, California
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Baltimore, Maryland
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    San Diego, California
    Orange County, California
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Providence, Rhode Island
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    New Haven, Connecticut
    Sacramento, California
    Oakland, California
    Hartford, Connecticut
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Worcester, Massachusetts
    Portland, Oregon
    San Jose, California
    San Francisco, California
    Las Cruces, New Mexico
    Alexandria, Louisiana
    Natchitoches, Louisiana
    Charleston, West Virginia

  2. sarah said:

    lol. yeah probably. like i said before, these things seem to work for everyone but me. you know if you guys look into any of these places, let us know. many of them, we’ve ever been to.

  3. jackie said:

    baltimore was number one on my list, baby! yeah!

    but seriously, i think that some of these “quizzes” are influenced by what cities advertise on these sites, you know? the fact that worcester, mass shows up but not boston tells me that maybe no realtors or job sites from Boston advertise with that site, you know?

    i also got a lot of lousiana. and i can tell, i hated vegas when i was there, but they do have good public schools, spanish speakers, and big gay and lesbian population– weird, huh?

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