so yesterday i parked it on the bed because i was feeling even more like shit than the day before. over the course of the day i watched movies in order to keep myself awake. i watched Red Dragon, Fargo, The Hunt for Red October, The Jackyl, Ghost World, 2 episodes of the X-files from season 1, and Clerks, in that order.

Today i went to the health center only to discover that this shit is allergies!!!!! WTF???!!! this blows! i don’t even feel this bad when i’m actually sick! so i hope the $85.00 of allegra that i purchased to tide me over the next month helps, because i can not function in this state.

  1. Winnie said:

    Wow… Allegra costs $85? No wonder there are bus tours that bring seniors to Canada to buy drugs! Feel better soon!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Jalehla says: The same thing happened to me my first spring/summer in Bloomington. I spent the better part of two weeks doped up on Claritin, feeling feverish, and sneezing/coughing constantly. It passes.

  3. sarah said:

    i fucking hope so. i rarely ever feel this ill. belch.

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