so i suck. i got home from vacation and had to work all day thursday and friday, went to jalehla’s on saturday, and have kind of been a lazy bum since. however in my own defense, i have a 14 hour day today, so i like to think that i’ve been resting up in anticipation.


vacation was incredible. i drove about 3,500 in 11 days. we camped in yellowstone national park, bridger-teton national forest, and the grand teton national park, and were able to see the remnants of Sturgis 2004 throughout the trip. we saw all kinds of animals – the best being pronghorn, pika, & bison. and in general just had a good time being outdoors. i think we came home refreshed.

i’m working on a blow-by-blow daily account of the trip – hopefully i’ll finish this weekend. i’m also thinking of turning it into a one-off zine entitled “westward, yo!”


this semester is crazy. i’m taking 3 classes, 1 independent study, working 38 hours per week, and teaching 2 sessions of L401, while serving as the chair of our campus ACM chapter, and volunteering at Middle Way House. i think i’m crazy. or will be by the end of the semester. :) but if i can make it through this, the rest of the degrees should be smooth sailing and well be done in december, 2005.

to do
this week i need to:
– buy books
– update my class list on the blog here
– get the first ACM meeting fliers out
– do my indep study assignment for john
– meet with dan about my rollovers for the gender study sight and contact them about it
– get the officer photos on the ACM site
– submit the ACM annual report
– sleep! :)
– e-mail my friends. i miss all of you. bleh. :(

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  1. jackie said:

    holy commitments, batgirl!

    how many degrees are you getting out there?!

    but then, my second semester in school, i was taking three regular classes, one independent study, serving on an undergraduate curriculum committee for our department, teaching my own class, and trying to get ready for my thesis. oh, and helping co-ordinate a semester-long community-service-learning project that spanned three departments and seven classes’ worth of undergrads.

    what makes graduate students think they have to do everything in the world all at once? it’s a disease, i tell you. we’re not responsible.

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