So i updated the class listing for fall, and the link for bill’s blog. i should have done that a long time ago! I’ve also added a link to the ACM (association for computing machinery) national org. site as well as the IU chapter, which i’m chairing this year.

It seems that every semester, regardless of how it’s going or how it seems the semester is going to progress, i consider entering a PhD program. not necessarily here, or in information science, but a program in one of my interests. this seems to be a general theme for some of my close friends as well. We all have different reasons for wondering if it’s worth it or not. some days it seems like the best idea, other days it seems ridiculous. the debt. the politics. the bullshit. jackie’s talking a bit about it on her blog as well.

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  1. jackie said:

    yes, the debt, the politics, the bullshit. well summed up, my friend.

    what would you get a PhD in, then? thinking about what degrees I would get if not for the Trinity of Crap we’ve already mentioned is one of my favorite mental exercises lately.

    how have you been liking teaching?

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