ready to go

the BROG submission to this year’s HICCS conference is now available.

Conversations in the Blogosphere: An Analysis “From the Bottom Up”


The “blogosphere” has been claimed to be a densely in-terconnected conversation, with bloggers linking to other bloggers, referring to them in their entries, and postingcomments on each other’s blogs. Most such characterizations have privileged a subset of popular blogs, known asthe ‘A-list.’ This study empirically investigates the extent to which, and in what patterns, blogs are interconnected,taking as its point of departure randomly-selected blogs. Quantitative social network analysis, visualization of linkpatterns, and qualitative analysis of references and comments in pairs of reciprocally-linked blogs show thatA-list blogs are overrepresented and central in the network, although other groupings of blogs are moredensely interconnected. At the same time, a majority of blogs link sparsely or not at all to other blogs in the sam-ple, suggesting that the blogosphere is partially interconnected and sporadically conversational.

Congratulations, folks!


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