missing the party

between being completely bogged down with work, listening to an old, old creamfields set, e-mailing old friends and checking out the old music scene, i think i’m going to lose it.

it’s nice to see that things are going so well for these folks though. sonar is expanding, again. LG and sonic soul appear to be getting along famously. nation is doing well, as usual and buzzlife seems to have gotten back in the swing of things since we departed.

someone wanna explain to me why the hell i’ve buried myself in indiana again?

  1. jackie said:

    completely removing myself from everything i knew, and going to a new place and region, definitely taught me what was important to me, and what i needed to have nearby whereever i ended up living.

    you know, the DC Baltimore area has an excellent music scene. and plenty of nonprofits and political orgss for you all to work at. and grad programs.

    i’m just saying. :)

  2. sarah said:

    on some level though it almost feel frivolous to me that going out to hear good music and good djs and dance is that important to me.

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