a novel way to induce therapy seeking behavior in children

i’ve always been interested in names and naming, even as a child. so on occasion i find myself flipping through those stupid baby name books or websites, looking into what various names mean. i’ve found some really interesting ones. feel free to try them on your own little tykes if and when the time comes.

name gender origin meaning
Mabuz Male ArthurianLegend Ruler of Death Castle
Artis Female Scottish bear
Asnapper Male Biblical Unhappiness, increase of danger
Perdita Female Latin the lost
Sadler Male English saddle maker
Nidra Female Indian Goddess of sleep
Idona Female Norse Active in love
Jokim Female Biblical That made the sun stand still
Talus Male Greek Mechanical man made by Hephaestu

I wish my name meant ruler of death castle…


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