per bloggin’

so i am just bloody swamped (again) with work. i have a midterm due on wednesday in my L564 class asking me to describe what social informatics is, and what does it mean when we say that an ICT is socially shaped, and to also analyze why, among other things. while i’m at it, i think i’ll also explain postmodernism, and deconstructionism. the thing is i’m incredibly interested in this area, but these questions seem daunting. that said, completing this mid-term will be a great exercise….once i do it…

i also need to finish the gender studies website for smcm, write a review that was due for last week’s L697 class, and do a ton of reading.

and my cousin is getting married next weekend, so instead of catching up, i’ll be getting even further behind.

wow. i’m quite the complainer, aren’t i? on a upnote, i’ve been really enjoying radiohead lately, where have i been for the past few years?


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