allison’s halloween party was last night and it was a blast. i had a really good time and hope that i didn’t do anything too embarrassing. it was really nice to be able to hang out with some of the new students and their significant others, outside of the dept.

that said, i don’t recall about half of the party. and today i feel like hell. ugh


update: like a dumbass – i did it again. i couldn’t figure out why i was so sick today until i realized i that i pulled my usual mid-hangover manuever. i woke up early this morning way before i needed to get up. my head felt like some one had clubbed me, so half asleep i popped some ibuprofen. ibuprofen usually does a number on my stomach if i don’t take it with food, which i didn’t. then i went back to sleep. when i woke up my head felt better but my stomach felt absolutely terrible, as if someone was inside of it scraping with a dry toothbrush. i was really sick and couldn’t keep anything down until about 7pm this evening. i always do this. before i go out, i need to hide the ibuprofen…or store it in the fridge to remind myself to eat something when i take it. duh.

  1. i feel you on the ibuprofen tip! absolutely essential modern living but at the same time essentially modern death on the ol’ tummy.

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