i wanna be sedated

so while at home today, i got the chance to listen to my favorite NPR station, WYPR out of baltimore, and i’m getting nervous about the elections. pete seems to be taking some modicum of comfort in the electoral vote predictor, after driving through the state of ohio, and part of west virginia last weekend as well as talking to various relatives and listening to christian radio, i’m not sure what to think.

so after i vote tomorrow, can someone just knock me out until the results come in?

  1. bill said:

    I’ve noticed I get a better feeling about the election when I get information off the Internet(s) and NPR. When I try to watch the TV news the good feelings evaporate pretty quickly. Do people really get most their info off the networks? That is probably the most frightening thing simmering under the great big lid of Election 2k4. Well, that and all those draftee jackboots the RNC are polishing.

    Mike T. thinks Kerry might pull more electorate, but lose in the popular. I’m personally hoping for an electoral tie that would give us a Bush/Edwards White House – especially since Bush had the foresight to give the VP all those new superpowers.

    Really, though, spooky as it all could be, I think this isn’t going to be the nightmare we’re all expecting. If I’m wrong to be this upbeat about it, please beat me to a pulp.

  2. Anonymous said:

    It’s just an election. It’s important, but life continues tomorrow regardless of who wins. While I have a preference for who wins, I’ll hope the other guy succeeds as president if he wins.

    PS, Bill – Nice incorporation of the draft myth/talking point. Well done!

  3. sarah said:

    i do think that there is a lot riding on this particular election. i realize that the sun will still rise and set as planned, however with the definate potential (well really, probability) of supreme court justices being appointed during the next presidential term there is a reason to aknowledge the weight of this collective decision.

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