what’s at stake

besides social security, the budget, the lives of iraqis as well as members of our military, a universal healthcare plan, stem cell research, the right to choose is also at stake in this election.

NARAL provides a potential list of supreme court candidates being considered by the Bush administration.

I know this is not the time to quit, to give up, or break down. but this is not just any election – all elections are important, but with supreme court seats up for grabs, don’t expect me not to be concerned about the next four years of our lives.

  1. c’mon sarah… Halloween was last Sunday… :(

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hey Sarah,

    I have a question I’m hoping you can answer for me as someone who is obviously passionate about the abortion rights issue. Obviously the RTLers take the position of no abortion rights. And the more stringent abortion rights activists take the position of no regulation on abortion.

    My question for you is: do you think there’s any middle ground? It’s a tough issue, and I’m genuinely curious to know what you think.

  3. sarah said:

    good question. i’ll answer when i’m out of class tonight (8:30) so i can give it my full attention.

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