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i don’t want to be flippant about voters who feel separated from the DNC, who feel like they really want to vote for a democrat for president but feel as if they weren’t given a good enough reason, or didn’t feel that they could back Kerry’s ideas on policy.

that said i keep seeing a lot of “you democrats are calling republicans names and are bush-bashing and i just can’t stand for that.” on some level i understand that. calling people “redneck” and “hick” and “stupid” don’t bring us together. in the public sphere it would really do the liberal side of things a service to cut that out, and make those products of frustration and disbelief more private speech.

however as pete says,

“Evangelicals really do fly below the radar in a lot of ways and it’s easy to miss what they’re doing, particularly if you don’t enjoy being told that you’re evil for long periods of time”

and i see this evidenced every time i am accosted with graphic pictures intended to be pictures of aborted fetuses, when i am screamed at by old white men holding these pictures, everytime i visit an anti-choice website, a evangelical christian website, a hard-right conservative site or listen to christian radio, which i try to do on a regular basis. why do i do this? i want to see what’s going on. i want to be informed. and when you do this, you get to see what national organzations think about me. i am a babykiller, i am a feminazi, i am a heathen, i am immoral.

on some level i don’t care, because the bulk of this is based on the teachings of a god i don’t believe in, so in my mind it doesn’t apply to me. but i guess it does when policy is being made on it.

the point here is the fact that both sides say nasty things. but i think the conservative population has an advantage here on two levels: most of them agree that i’m an immoral babykiller, and their version of the bible backs that up. but more importantly, conservative are far better at keeping their name-calling relatively inside the private sphere.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    “most of them agree that i’m an immoral babykiller, and their version of the bible backs that up”

    Change ‘most’ to ‘many’ and I generally agree with your commentary. Here’s why:

    First, most conservatives aren’t evangelical Christians. That doesn’t mean evangelicals aren’t a sizeable and signifant segment of the party, but they aren’t a majority (check the numbers in Pete’s snippet). Also here is a personal example. With the exception of my Dad’s sister’s family who are Mormons, my entire extended family is to some degree conservative and as far as I know, none of them are pro-life and none of them are religious to any extent.

    Secondly, there are plenty of people who have concerns about abortion and it has nothing to do with morality proscribed by religion, but rather questions about what it means to be human and other philosophical questions about humanity.

    There is no doubt that there is truth in that stereotype of conservatives (all stereotypes have some element of truth). Just as there’s truth in the stereotype of liberal elitists who think they’re smarter and purer than the conservative rubes who oppose their enlightened polices. Worded another way: liberals lose because their im/amorality puts them out of touch with “mainstream America.” Conservatives win because they’re too dumb to know better.

    I view the ‘liberals are immoral’ and ‘conservatives are stupid memes’ to be flipsides of the same coin: a way to dismiss someone you disagree with, without having to give their argument any serious consideration. Because the truth is, there are plenty of moral, concientous liberals, and there are plenty of intelligent, thoughtful conservatives.

    I think the real point about issue of evangelicals in this past election is that the DNC would be foolish to dismiss their loss as simply the result of evangelical turnout. The non-religious conservatives (primarily fiscally and on foreign policy) are ripe for the taking for the right Democratic candidate. More specifically, there were more than enough centrist conservatives to have put Kerry over the top.

    This is particularly true in regards to Iraq where I think Kerry was never able to establish himself as a believable alternative.


  2. sarah said:

    i should have clarified that my point was that the far right (and the not so far right too) take liberties with name-calling but very often it’s not in the mainstream press.

    so yes, many as opposed to most would be more correct

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