i want one

what a weird little house.

  1. Anonymous said:

    If by weird you mean “awesome”. It looks like white-trash-trailor meets BeatleJuice. Glorious.

  2. sarah said:

    i believe i would like one. all kinds of weird places for the cats to hide…

  3. bill said:

    Judging from the interior, I think what you really want is to live inside an iPod.

  4. My concern here is kitchen related. Do you see a stove? Because I am thinking a stove is necessary to like cooking. Overall though, a very interesting concept.

  5. sarah said:

    yeah. jaleh, i don’t see a fridge either. and wiring might be weird…but it’s cool

  6. Winnie said:

    i’d imagine the stove would be one of those glass top ones that are easy to clean. from the architect’s site, it looks like the stove only has 2 elements. and i can easily imagine a bar fridge under the counter.

    in anycase, i’d like to live in one of those. with my tiny smart car parked outside… if not, a segway.

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