top 5 keraoke songs

i realized this evening and related to pete that keraoke would be fun if the right songs were available. such as:

1. Down By the Water – PJ Harvey
2. We Are 138 – the Misfits
3. Deep – Pearl Jam
4. Fire Door – Ani Difranco
5. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
(alt) Smoke Two Joints – Sublime
(2nd alt) Mansize – PJ Harvey

  1. jackie said:

    is that PJ song the “come back here and give me my daughter one”?

    I would love to hear you do “maps”!

  2. sarah said:

    yep jackie, that’s the one!

  3. mike said:

    “We Are 138”

    We can have karaoke Misfits… I will assemble Matt and Brian and we’ll play the instruments… you sing.

  4. sarah said:

    excellent, Mike. sounds like a plan.

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