from New York

i’m here in upstate new york. we’ve already been to and from scranton PA for turkey day and we’ll be out of here come monday.

things that have happened:

– because we were at the airport early we were bumped up for an earlier filght on standby. as a result we got “randomly selected” for a special attention from security
– we’ve eaten tons of super yummy cheesecake that pete’s little brother made. as a result i’m sure that i’ve gained 10 pounds
– we managed not to eat meat. that’s never happened over a thanksgiving visit before
– we went crazy at the j crew outlet like good little consumers. the upside is we will no longer have to be “ugh! i have nothing to wear!” when we teach
– i still have shitloads of work to do
– o’hare is the coolest airport ever

hope everyone had a nice holiday. i’ll be back to regular blogging upon return to the midwest

  1. LoisS said:

    O’Hare is cool HOOOOOW???? *blinks*

  2. sarah said:

    i think i’ve just gotten used to flying into and out of crappy airports (indianapolis, buffalo, rochester.) so when i see an airport with a nice design, art, and kiosks all over the place with sandwiches and beer – i’m a happy camper!

  3. jackie said:

    yes, O’Hare beats the crap out of several airports I’ve been in, namely– Midway-Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo and Dulles. BWI and National are nice, but yeah, the art in O-Hare (near the people mover, I think?) was very nice, I remember.

    glad to see you back!

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