woo hoo!

well i am totally finished with school work for the semester. this is my first graduate semester where i wasn’t working right up into finals week. it’s kind of nice this way.

anyway since jackie might be interested, here’s my final paper that goes along with the previously posted power point:

Moving from the Middle:
How Two Activist Websites use their Web Presence
in Relation to Micro and Mass Media

later this weekend i’ll post my totally bizarre think paper about space, place and adrienne rich’s lesbian continuum.

oh! and a shoutout to creighton! congratulations for finishing your master’s! i can’t wait to know what that feels like myself.

  1. jackie said:

    okay, so I am really excited and anxious to read the space.place. adrienne rich paper. seriously. post it now!

    also, I am really intrigued and impressed by the issue you raised in this micro.middle.mass media paper. I know I’ve read something recently (maybe the newest Atlantic Monthly?) which talks about how the right is so much better at framing debates than “we” are, so much better about getting the jump on casting the debate in their own terms, leaving the Left scrambling to redefine, deny, etc (think “partial birth abortion”). Learning how to better use the media, better frame issues, better get our terminology and concepts to be what become the accepted terminology is an issue and goal that is critical if the Left is going to remain viable in the next few years, and not get bulldozed by the GOP machine.

    Also, I know you’re all done with your classes, don’t want to do any more work, etc, but Clamor magazine is looking for essays/articles for a themed issue on media, and I really think you could do a shorter, more general-audience version of this essay (1000-1500 words or so) and send it to them. Only trouble is, the deadline is December 15ht, so you might not have time. But anyway, just take that as another sign that I think it is great, important work with far-reaching implications!

  2. sarah said:

    well, i’m glad you enjoyed it. really you’re making me feel better about it because i wish it was a bit more conclusive….

    anyhoo the idea for clamor is one that i might take you up on. it seems they don’t need the whole article just 2 paragraphs and a pitch (which i’ve never done before)

    and since you mentioned it i started thinking about proposing to do something about blogs @ the alt. media conference this year. thinking of going?

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