well, shit.

it looks like the paper that John and Elijah have been working on that i’ll be doing content analysis for has been accepted to sunbelt


  1. jackie said:

    dood! yay for you! do you get to go to California? my grad program had small amounts of money available for grad students to go to conferences, you should check into that.

    I just got accepted to a regional conference, which are the only ones I can really apply to since we have no travel budget :(. But I am really excited to go! Good luck! Congratulations!

  2. sarah said:

    well i’ve been to conferences and have never presented and pete has never been so i think that we’re going to suck it up and pay to go as a career decision. see if we like this process; see if this is what we want to keep doing, etc.

    so yes. in february our sorry asses will be in warm southern california.

    congratulations on your publication as well! where will you be?

  3. Anonymous said:

    well done.

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