looking back, looking forward

so as i was starting the inevitable post-semester clean-up in the living room this evening forced me to look over the bulk of the articles i’ve read this semester. in retrospect, even though i need to take an incomplete on the databasing independent study, it’s been an incredibly productive semester. L564 and L697 have taught me a considerable amount and i feel as if i’ve done some really decent work that i may be able to do something with in the future.

so, in short – yay.

as for next semester, i’m very much looking forward to it. plus working on the 2 papers for the previously mentioned sunbelt conference. and finishing the database project. i’ll be working and volunteering a bit less trying to compensate for the extra work i’ll have floating around, but all together i think it’ll be another good one.

incidently Dr. Shachaf will be using Stueart, R. D. & Moran, B. B. (2002). Library and information center management (6th ed.). in L527. We have a spare copy and would be happy to sell one cheaper than you can buy it used if anyone’s interested.

also, does anyone know anyone who will be in the L548 class this spring?


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