tentative itinerary

since we’ll be heading out between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning, i thought i’d give everyone a heads up on where we’ll be.

we’ll be heading to pittsburgh to spend the evening with my dad.

hopefully we’ll be leaving around 10am and heading to frederick/baltimore.
i suspect we’ll be there between 3 and 5. i have no idea what we’ll be doing for
dinner but it looks as if we might be going to see the life aquatic at the charles with folks then going to dougherty’s (which i’ve missed very much), and possibly crashing at john‘s place which is a stumbling distance from the pub.

friday morning we will get up early to have breakfast with jackie, her partner in crime, spike, then head down to DC to visit other friends for lunch.

for the evening party we will be heading to ben‘s house.

i suspect i’ll be hungover and find myself in some odd place in ben’s house

we will be heading home. possibly after a trip to mughal gardens and ikea.

1 comment
  1. jackie said:

    yay for breakfast on friday! thanks for getting out of bed to come see us! we’re all a little sick, but should be almost over it by then, and definitely not contagious.

    sounds like an exciting vacation for you, good luck!

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