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i’m picking up jackie’s “magic stick” challenge.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:

hmmmm… probably almost 9 gigs. on my 40 gig laptop this feels like almost a waste of space. especially since i’m considering downloading virtual pc *barf* in order to run some windows-only *double barf* visualization software. we need a box to operate as a server @ home.

2. The last CD you bought was:

i was lucky enough to receive the new bjork album, Medulla for christmas from pete’s family. i love it. also shortly after that i picked the Afro Baby comp in baltimore that i mentioned here before. everyone should check it out. it’s wonderful

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message? Deliberately?

i’ve been working on a little paper all day, so i’ve got the old ipod on shuffle, but am skipping through shit i don’t feel like listening to. right now i’m listening to basement jaxx’s rendez-vu.

that said i’ve been having a rilo kiley fest for the past 3 days. i’ve been relatively unimpressed with their stuff until i heard peeling paint and the good that won’t come out. i love the way that both of these songs feel. they’re nicely done.

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

this seems to vary for me but for the moment:

van morrison’s brown eyed girl – this song always gives me a warm fuzzy because my dad used to sing it to me when i was little

rilo kiley’s the good that won’t come out – although i’ve only hear it for the first time recently, this song evokes…i don’t know…it feels like a desperate attempt at optimism. life sucks for the most part but you try to make the best of it. with the war that’s supposed to be over, the recent inauguration, and the tension and uncertainty of roe v. wade this song sounds like i feel lately

air moon safari album – the whole thing. any time i hear it i think of parties at st. mary’s.

pj harvey – each and every album she’s put out i’ve loved for a different reason. in high school i loved dry, rid of me, to bring you my love but especially 4-track demos. nothing could have been more appropriate at the time. my ex-girlfriend and i used to listen to stories from the city during late night phone calls. and i’m in love with the new album uh huh her. somehow whatever she puts out at synchs up nicely with whatever is going on with my life.

pearl jam’s ten – again the whole album. this album represented a turning point in my life. i think i was about 15. amazing stuff.

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?

hmmm… pete, because i’m always curious to see what he’s listening too; dear amy and rob and all of the old b-more crew really. maybe if i can listen to what you’re listening too you won’t feel so far away.


today our first assignment is due for L524. we had to query a reference librarian in a very general way regarding our final pathfinder project topic. according to the methodology outlined in our textbooks and various articles which we’ve read for the class, i’m amazed at my experience and the experience of others in my class.

i always thought that i wouldn’t like to be a reference librarian because of the pressure and the feeling of failure when i couldn’t answer a patron’s question. but i’ve recently discovered that there’s a “55%” rule which states that usually only 55% of reference librarians successfully answer the questions posed by patrons. in addition, many reference librarians fail to perform an internet search when proper material is not discovered in the library’s collection and very often reference librarians don’t interview their client in the attempt to discover what kind of information would best answer their question.

fascinating. and lousy.

here’s the run-down of my experience with a reference librarian at our main library.

i’ve discovered that you could put a gun to my head and i couldn’t write a decent abstract for you. i recall last week expressing my apprehension about writing a good abstract to someone in the program. they then replied that they had been an english major as an undergraduate so they were more familiar with the process.

i tell you, gentle readers, i too was an english major, and i am at a complete loss.

for some reason i’ve been feeling bummed out lately. perhaps it’s because i’m incredibly busy, really tired, and seem to have some kind of weird lingering illness. also the injury that i sustained by straining my right arm being stupid just before we left baltimore seems to have reappeared. time to visit the god damn doctor.

anyway, in order to try and cheer myself up a little i’ve added some ska and grateful dead to my itunes. including fire on the mountian, i fought the law (which my dad always used to sing in the car) and some incredibly stupid aquabats tunes.

recently some of you have asked me to demonstrate skanking so i found this little description and another for you. sometime i will have to demonstrate in person.

so this morning john made me aware of SubEthaEdit. I’m totally enamored with it. It’s a text editor which allows users to collaborate on documents together in real time. we were playing with it this morning and it seems you can open a chat window with it as well, block sections of text from editing, and switch it to recognize and highlight various types of syntax.

It looks like a nice little editor. i can’t wait to put it on my machine!

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