interesting things afoot.

your body is not your own

at least not if your a woman of childbearing age in virginia if Delegate John A. Cosgrove has his way. proposed House bill NO. 1677 would make it a class I misdemeanor if a woman failed to report a miscarriage within 12 hours of the event if there is no medical personnel in attendence.

More here at democracy for virginia

halt, budding artist!

incredibly stupid museum guard misinforms 2nd grader that her renditions of famous pieces copied into her notebook as practice violate copyright. this is what happens when we go copyright crazy, folks.

what’s up? no, really

project censored releases their top 25 censored stories of 2003-2004

when surviving natural disaster isn’t enough to deal with

reports of sexual assault in the wake of the tsunami

rob takes a bite from the apple

as macworld approaches rob throws down


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