if i were a cat, i’d be purrr bloggin’

this semester seems to be shaping up nicely, but i think i’m going to be way way way busy. the indexing class looks great. we’ll even be indexing a book chapter, which i’ve always wanted to do and am looking forward to very much. perl seems like i will be able to handle it and it will also, be fun i hope. working with php on the side for last semester’s indep study will also make sense i think. because of the little php that i’ve done the basic structure of perl is somewhat familiar, so i’m not starting this totally in the dark, which would suck. also my reference class seems like it will be a lot of enjoyable work – especially the pathfinder webpage as the final project.

in other related news it seems we’ll be traveling a good deal this year.

feb – sunbelt in redondo beach, ca
june – possibly the women & ICT conference in baltimore
– definately the ALA conference in Chicago
august – hopefully we can head back to wyoming during our 2 week break
september – possibly back to Chicago for the AoIR conference
december – it’s entirely possible we’ll be moving god knows where

pete and i signed up for a yoga class on thursday evenings. i’m very excited.

  1. hehe… “purr bloggin'”… get ready for savaasanaa!

  2. jackie said:

    yay for traveling! yay for yoga! Chicago is a neat city, and the Baltimore conference looks right up your alley. the woman who runs the CWIT also runs the WMST-L email list, Joan Korenman.

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