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…one about the size of my reproductive system.


A US state’s prohibition on the sale of sex toys was left standing by the US Supreme Court when the court refused to hear a constitutional challenge to the law.


The Kansas attorney general is demanding abortion clinics turn over the complete medical records of nearly 90 women and girls, saying he needs the material for an investigation into underage sex and illegal late-term abortions.

so you may notice some different links on my sidebar. I added Inna as i meant to do a long time ago. (i’m really bad about adding and updating links.)

I also added links to several female political bloggers and pulled my links to the male A-list bloggers that i had there. this is a product of the ongoing blogosphere conversation regarding female political and A-list bloggers. There seems to be a misconception that women aren’t blogging and if they are they certainly aren’t blogging about politics. This was brought up again by Kurtz in yesterday’s column where he refer’s to Drum’s post on the 20th of feb. He says:

Now for a delicious blogosphere debate. You may recall my column the other day about Susan Estrich whacking LAT editorial page editor Michael Kinsley for not running more pieces by women. That prompted the Washington Monthly’s Kevin Drumto wonder why women don’t play a more prominent role in the blogosphere. And that nearly led to his eyes being clawed out,

and then goes on to list comments made by female readers to Drum’s post. (and don’t you just love the catfight reference?)

Remy Cross, who i met at the conference last week, did a wonderful presentation entitled “”Blogging fo Votes: An Examiniation of the Interaction Between Weblogs and the Electoral Process” (Carter Butts was his advisor). In it there are some really interesting graphs looking at the credentialed bloggers for the DNC and RNC convention and who “spoke” with whom on their blogs. RNC bloggers seemed to all talk to each other, at least to some degree. But for the DNC, there were 3 total outliers, and others who were only part of the main conversation in a small way. on of the outliers was, a blog written by a female librarian in vermont. Now of the RNC bloggers, of the 1-person authored blogs, pretty much all of them were writtn by men, while some group blogs included one or 2 female authors. While in the DNC at least 4 relatively autonomous female bloggers were credentialed. I asked Remy if he had seen any kind of indication that gender was the reason for the difference in the way that people spoke with each other. He said that he hadn’t really looked at gender as a factor. I suspect that this issue has a role to play in the way these conversation graphs play out.

In Pete’s research into the comment sections of political A-list bloggers like Daily Kos, he seems to be finding that when women do post their comments are generally not responded to.

Which brings me back to the issue at hand – why i changed my blogroll. In reality, not a big deal. However i get sick of the constant argument, “well if i don’t see you you must not exist!” which seems to come up often in the conversation among the elite and in boysclub communities. It shuts out and disregards anything interesting going on in the same area (in this case blogging) that isn’t done by a member of their insular little group.

I hated high school. This happened in high school.

So, the moral of the story kids, is there are political female bloggers, and on top of that i assure you that there are thousands and thousands of female bloggers in the blogosphere. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there. And on my new and improved blogroll you’ll find a few to get you started.

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play.
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Post the answers to the songs when someone guesses correctly! No cheating and pasting the lyrics into a search engine.

1. in Memphis, on Valentine’s Day, you wrote it in a letter to me
2. it’s not enough you want more of it, it’s not enough you want all of it
3. your skin makes me cry
4. build your own television receiver
5. but only love can break your heart
6. it’ll be just like they say
7. soft machine
8. i want to undress you
9. hold on, i think i have to puke
10. time you take it
11. me a cookie eating, cookie dancing fool!
12. i’ll take the quiet life
13. hey you fat man!
14. we chased the ice cream truck across the street
15. i’d be safe and warm if i was in LA
16. a hooker let me share her favorite coat
17. the woman in the mirror can tell the truth from the stuff that they say
18. i’ve been raising up my hands, drive another nail in
19. it never made sense to them anyway
20. i’m mad at my desk and i’m writin’ all curse words
21. can you do what you love? can you love what you do? and no one can ever write your life for you
22. i hope that someone gets my, i hope that someone gets my…
23. and every single block, looked like every single block, but everyone kept driving
24. who the fuck do you think you are?
25. i am glued, just in case i crack out

so we’ve been back for almost 2 days and i am so, so, so behind. I may actually be turning in 2 assignments late, which sucks. and i’m going to be up until like 4am, but at least tomorrow for the first time in like 2 weeks i think i’ll have the opportunity to get more than 5 hours of sleep. that will be interesting.

things i learned from our trip:
Northwest airlines sucks in general. the flight out wasn’t so bad, however on the way back the plane was a bit late getting to LAX. as a result the attendents kept making announcements to get into your seats because we’re 6 minutes late as we were boarding. then we were 12 minutes late. this is as people were still getting on the plane. you can only move so fast in a space so small. and you know, it’s not the fault of the boarding passengers that the damn plane was late. on top of this when we booked via orbitz i ordered a veggie meal for each of us. the flight out was okay because it was a bagel and fruit, but lunch on the way back was a turkey or corned beef sandwich, salty snacks and an apple. the flight was 4 hours and we hadn’t really eaten breakfast. it was only on the flight that we were informed that there are no “special” meals on domestic flights. like a cheese sandwich is a “special” option. i don’t really give a shit about missing the flight meal but had i known beforehand, i would have brought a damn avocado.

more ram rocks. the lovely piece of RAM installed before we left made all the difference. 768MB is far superior to 256MB.

– gender bias is alive and well in academia.

– california is far superior to indiana. my god, how can i move there?

Danyel, Lada, Remy, Marc, and Patrick were some fun and interesting people that i met on the trip. Danyel reminded me very very much of Rob.

– it totally sucks that Hunter S. is gone.

google is just as, if not more evil than microsoft and microsoft employees have great electronic toys.

– redondo and hermosa beach have stellar food. if you’re there you really need to try:
sushi sei – probably the best sushi i’ve ever had. really wonderful, fun sushi chefs, sit at the bar. sashimi with jalapeno sauce is incredible.
captain kidd’s – best fresh fish i’ve had since college.

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