avian flu watch

two recent interesting articles from the mainstream media, specifically the NYT regarding the avian flu. not cool. not cool at all.

Vietnam Is Seeking International Assistance to Fight Bird Flu

Published: February 3, 2005

HANOI, Vietnam, Feb. 2 – Vietnam appealed for international assistance late Wednesday evening as bird flu continued to spread among people and poultry alike.

Acting Agriculture Minister Cao Duc Phat, the chairman of the national steering committee for avian influenza, sent a letter to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization asking those two United Nations agencies, as well as foreign governments, to provide technical aid for fighting the disease. The A(H5N1) strain of the virus has devastated poultry in Vietnam and killed 13 of the 14 people who were infected in the last five weeks.


A Medical Mystery Man Bounces Back From Avian Flu

Published: February 5, 2005

… “My whole skull hurt,” he said, gripping his temples for emphasis. “It felt like pieces of my skull were detaching.”

What happened next is one of two medical mysteries in Mr. Hung’s case that have caught the attention of flu experts as they try to decipher whether his illness will come to afflict millions of people, and possibly hundreds of millions, around the world.

Unlike most people with confirmed cases of bird flu, Mr. Hung survived, for reasons that remain unclear but may have to do with his extraordinary physical fitness. The greater mystery is how he caught the disease, with strong evidence that he acquired it from his older brother, not from poultry, in a worrisome sign that the virus may be developing the ability to pass from person to person…

  1. Melissa said:

    I’ve been worrying for forever about this! Its like the Yankees are coming all over again. Where to hide? Where can we be safe? Anyone up for building a secret fort in the middle of nowhere?

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