on the radio

so wednesdays i’ve got myself scheduled so i don’t have to be on campus until 5:45, but i’ve got meetings today so i’m here a bit earlier. the nice thing is i get to listen to my old public radio station, WYPR, and today i listened to the Marc Steiner show. During the show some guy called in and was talking about how everyone know that postpartum depression is just a lame excuse and everyone knows it’s invalid. once the guy got off the phone, Marc was like …uhhh you’re wrong.

so i sent him a nice e-mail about it. as it was totally unrelated to the topic of the show, i was really suprised when he read it on air. it made both he and his guest for the hour crack up.

here’s the email i sent:

Subject: thanks, Marc

hey Marc,

i’m enjoying the show today and i know this isn’t really related but,
thanks for defending the legitimacy of postpartum depression. I found the
caller’s position annoying besides the fact that it was wrong. :)

I’m a former B-more resident, who has moved to indiana for graduate
school. Public radio here sucks and i still listen to you as often as
possible – keep up the great work.

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  1. Daniel said:

    Oh yeah? Have you not heard of a little show called “Meet the Mayor”? Today, they were wrapping about…well sh*t. You’re right.

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