singing cats & corn syrup

do any of your cats sing? murphy’s a pretty quiet guy, but tenchi runs through the house a few times a day and sings (usually) at the windows. he might sing for 10-40 seconds at a time. what’s up? is he unhappy? is he trying to talk to cats outside? is he nuts?

in other news, in trying to eat healthier (i figure, i get no sleep and drink too much, but i have to do something, right? to keep from falling apart?) i’ve developed a minor addiction to applesauce. it’s kind of stupid of me, but i purchased 2 large jars of it from kroger, without reading the label. i come to discover now that almost half of it is gone, the 2nd ingredient is CORN SYRUP! wtf? why is there corn syrup in my applesauce! i’m totally pissed and we still have a full jar of it!

  1. Melissa said:

    Isn’t that shitty? I always want to buy the organic, wholesome food that is what it claims to be, but its too expensive for my budget. When, oh when will there be cheap organic food or, alternatively, when will the cheap generics become healthier? Can it really be more expensive to make applesauce out of apples instead of corn syrup and hundreds of chemicals? Chemicals are expensive right? Thats why medicine costs so much. If medicine were made from apples, I bet it would be cheap and there would be no health care crisis. Apples, people, they’re key!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Our 7-year-old tabby, Rockie (female short variant for Rocky the Flying Squirrel) sings. Every day. She goes to the couple of places in the house where the reverberation is best and serenades us.

    She’s very small and has a high-pitched “voice”. Kind of like an American Idol contestant, she thinks she sounds better than she really does.

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