sunny california

so here we are in LA. redondo beach to be exact. it’s tourist-y here but pete and i can’t seem to get over the different kinds of trees here, things we’ve never seen and the fact that there are flowers in bloom everywhere and it’s february. it one way this reaction makes me feel silly, but on the other hand i’ve never been here before and it’s kind of neat.

the flight was generally uneventful (always a good thing) although we were about 30 minutes late due to headwinds. we ran into Katy while waiting for the shuttle which was fun so we all rode here together from the airport. the hotel we’re staying is all right, and there’s wifi although the connection isn’t particularly strong. the conference hotel is pretty swanky however. we got our registration materials this afternoon and such and signed up to go whale watching sunday. the geek factor for the next few days will be quite high. :) there are also 2 conference-sponsored happy hours per evening. woo-hoo

i’m going over the visuals for the presentation now. we present at 11:30 am tomorrow morning. pete has totally crashed out. john and elijah will be here in a few hours. my computer says 6:32 but it’s really 3:32 and it’s kind of weirding me out.

create your own visited states map

pictures to come when i have a better connection.

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