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working on my perl homework tonight i’ve been listening to the BBC and heard a very interesting report on women’s rights in Turkey.

For future reading:

Women’s rights in Turkey slowly improving
Turkey Changes Laws to Meet EU Standards
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices  Р2004
Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

World Briefing | Europe: Turkey: Europeans Condemn Force At Women’s Demonstration


i am exhausted. and have so much work to do. put i can’t do anymore tonight. this is it. i’ll just have to get up at 4:30. ugh! doughnuts, indeed.

on an upnote pete and i both got new music today. the other day we were working at soma and this great song came on so i asked what it was and was informed by the cute hipster chick that it was the blow. she also said that she saw them here at a house party a few months ago and had a blast. so when pete went to pick up jazz records i asked him to pick up a cd from the blow. i got bonus album, from 2002 – a weird, lots of acapella, very experimental cd. the music i heard at soma was my fav. girl band quasi-screamy electro-pop-punk. so to give bonus album a fair shake i need to give it another listen because i was totally expecting something different when i put it in. Pete also picked up the concussive caress, which has grown on me. i’m now listening to it for the 3rd time in what was a very busy evening. the cd builds nicely. i love it. and really want the new cd which the record store didn’t have. incidently fanzine stuff – and no, i’m not dancing around my kitchen!

also waiting for me at home was the new issue of national geographic, which always makes me happy.

i should be talking about politics, but really i couldn’t say it better than jill.

today i’m representing SLIS at the ILF conference and it’s been a totally great day. lots of booth traffic when we opened, we got rid of the few applications we had (should have brought more).

Fun things that have happened:

– we’re right across from silly safaris who are these amusing fellows who take exotic animals to libraries and schools and such. i got to hold a milk snake and pet an south american armidillo.

– i got to have lunch with kate

– i met a totally nice tech instructor from INCOLSA. i might like his job.

so today i’ve been working since 3pm on this long-ass reference assignment. I begrudge them only because they take so long. But on some level i must admit i find them fun. I feel like i’m 6 again and someone has let me loose on the dictionaries and encylopedias. like taking crack, reading a little leads to reading a little more, and pretty soon you’ve worked your way through the entire L volume and mom is ready to leave so you through a tantrum because you can’t take M out of the library.


Tomorrow i have 15.5 more reference questions to do, i have to read an article (which fortunately i’ve already read 2x before), and write 2 abstracts on it, then work in at least 3 hours of perl coding (hopefully more like 4 or 5).

and to think, this time last we we were playing cards in Hutchinson Island. *sigh*

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