back to the grind

so today i’ve been working since 3pm on this long-ass reference assignment. I begrudge them only because they take so long. But on some level i must admit i find them fun. I feel like i’m 6 again and someone has let me loose on the dictionaries and encylopedias. like taking crack, reading a little leads to reading a little more, and pretty soon you’ve worked your way through the entire L volume and mom is ready to leave so you through a tantrum because you can’t take M out of the library.


Tomorrow i have 15.5 more reference questions to do, i have to read an article (which fortunately i’ve already read 2x before), and write 2 abstracts on it, then work in at least 3 hours of perl coding (hopefully more like 4 or 5).

and to think, this time last we we were playing cards in Hutchinson Island. *sigh*


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