i am exhausted. and have so much work to do. put i can’t do anymore tonight. this is it. i’ll just have to get up at 4:30. ugh! doughnuts, indeed.

on an upnote pete and i both got new music today. the other day we were working at soma and this great song came on so i asked what it was and was informed by the cute hipster chick that it was the blow. she also said that she saw them here at a house party a few months ago and had a blast. so when pete went to pick up jazz records i asked him to pick up a cd from the blow. i got bonus album, from 2002 – a weird, lots of acapella, very experimental cd. the music i heard at soma was my fav. girl band quasi-screamy electro-pop-punk. so to give bonus album a fair shake i need to give it another listen because i was totally expecting something different when i put it in. Pete also picked up the concussive caress, which has grown on me. i’m now listening to it for the 3rd time in what was a very busy evening. the cd builds nicely. i love it. and really want the new cd which the record store didn’t have. incidently fanzine stuff – and no, i’m not dancing around my kitchen!

also waiting for me at home was the new issue of national geographic, which always makes me happy.

i should be talking about politics, but really i couldn’t say it better than jill.


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