in brief

i’m completely swamped with work, so here are just a few interesting things that are going on/i’ve seen recently that i’d like to talk about in detail but don’t bloody have time.

it’ll get us all in the end
– staph infection – not just for hospitals anymore
50th known avian flu death
Marburg virus continues to spread in Angola

no shit
– it’s universal: WHO says worldwide poor children are more likely to fall ill and basic education for women also benefits their children
– women should be able to have their prescriptions filled and Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich (D) is making sure it happens
– barbara boxer is the dope jam

these are fun
season 4 of the west wing is out! and i have it!
Food Fight is a vegan grocery in Portland, OR. i’ve never been there but their website is hilarious – read the product descriptions!

that is all.

1 comment
  1. Winnie said:

    hooray, comments are working for me again!

    since when did pharmacists become priests? that’s pretty infuriating.

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