looking up

so i had a meeting with my l548 professor today regarding my websearch project. It’s been going badly. So we went over some subroutines that my group can use for the project. now i have to figure out how to dump the body text into a file for each user, then search those files for the selected term. i’m going to start working on it tonight.

i also had a very nice chat with john regarding the incomplete for my independent study so i’ll be working on arranging a site based on either wordpress or drupal software which will facilitate interaction in the review process. i’ll be basing the design on the current JCMC website and i’ll be using (learning) PHP and CSS. i’m excited about this. we also discussed future research projects which i will not yet disclose, but it’s going to be fun. and weird.

fascinating fronline report on punk rock in israel. I haven’t really gotten a chance to read it in depth but it looks remarkably interesting. i find it amazing how informal groups develop especially around music.

  1. re: PHP & CSS… keep content and style separate!

  2. Eric said:

    ickyfoot.com is based on wordpress, and I love it. PHP is remarkably easy to learn to read. Learning to write it, though, is a totally different story. Good luck! It’s very powerful stuff.

    And CSS rules. I’m just starting to get decent with it. Too much fun.

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