in my next life i want to be a park ranger

it is national park week and as i have only recently come to appreciate our national park system i urge you to check out the national park closest to you and enjoy it. i’m really big on services which can be used and enjoyed by all at no or very low cost. parks, public libraries, etc. they’re important service which our tax dollars provide and are easy to overlook.

when pete and i really needed to get the hell out of town last summer on a grad student budget without going to visit family and friends (whom we love – but we needed to get away — far far away) we never could have done it without having a cheap place to go and really we couldn’t have had a better vacation for any price than the one we had by visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons national parks. We also drove just past the Badlands (where i’d like to stop and spend more time) and visited Mt. Rushmore.

This summer, depending on the way things play out, we’d like to go back to wyoming, making sure that this time we also get to stop at Devil’s Tower, which we missed last time.

Other US parks which i hope to hit one day include:

anybody want to go on a roadtrip?

  1. Anonymous said:

    i want to go on a road trip with you !!! And we’ll try hard not to flick cigarette butts accidentally into the back seat of the car while going 70 mph!

  2. Anonymous said:

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