to get us through to May 5th

so to provide something quick and easy for me to blog about and also to illustrate the wide diversity of the range of topics covered by bloggers and blogging i’m going to pick a different topic every day and provide some links for blogs you may not have seen.

Today: food blogs

looking over some of these blogs last night, made me really miss being closer to my baltimore friends. as a group we all really appreciate having a good meal and a good drink together. creighton is especially adept at making fabulous creations out of simple, wholesome food. i have wonderful memories of olive tapenade, good bread, wonderful pasta dishes, excellent inexpenive wine and catching the late train home after that second bottle.

An excellent list of food blogs can be found at
FOODblog: Kiplog Cooks and Eats.

Specific blogs that i enjoyed:
Abundant – glorious pictures.
Beer Blog – this should be a favorite
In a Vegan Kitchen – provides a great list of delicious looking recipes
I Love Sandwiches – as a sandwich lover, this one made me very happy
Tigers & Strawberries – detailed recipes, with methodology and pictures. also pictures of cats!
You Gonna Eat All that? – well, are you?

  1. Wow! I am loving that Beer blog and the sandwich one too. Cool stuff and I like the idea of topic blogging. I need to get to B’ton to hang out with super cool you and Pete.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my little blog (You gonna eat all that?) And to answer your question…..Yes

  3. Why, thank you for mentioning my blog; and thanks for appreciating my methodology–I am always afraid that I go too in-depth and get too technical.

    Glad to know I don’t scare everyone away.

  4. sarah said:

    jaleh – yes. come visit. as a matter of fact come for allison’s party on the 7th.

    biscuit_girl – no problem. your blog is great.

    barbara – i love the methodology. it kind of makes me feel like i’m watching someone prepare it – also it provides me a better idea of what to expect if i make the same dish.

  5. Anonymous said:

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  6. Anonymous said:

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