future plans

as you might have seen on sampo, we’ve finally made a decision – we’ll be graduating in december. we’ve been going back and forth about what we’re going to do for months. the options were:
1) graduate in august with a way-over-credits-needed MLS
2) graduate in december with both the MLS & MIS, take 1.5 years off, apply for PhD programs fall 2006, hopefully for entry fall of 2007
3) drag our program out and graduate in spring 2006, apply this fall to PhD programs hopefully for entry in fall 2006

our new apt. is way north of where we are now. we signed a 5 month lease, it’s way bigger than our apt. now and (thank god) has both a washer/dryer and a dishwasher.

so, we’re starting to apply for jobbie jobs. we’re applying for positions around (of course) the baltimore/dc area, i’m also considering jobs around philadelphia, and the northwest, like wyoming, colorado, montana. because we’re nuts. so we’ll either be closer to most of our friends, or we’ll make and excellent vacation spot!


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