show-me Medicaid

so NPR’s Morning Edition had an interesting piece on Medicaid in Missouri. Perhaps it’s unfair to point finger’s at Missouri. Medicaid is very expensive and becomes increasinly so, and most states are cutting Medicaid benefits in general. That said the plan in Missouri is to do away with it entirely. The most recent step taken towards this goal is cutting 90,000 people from qualifying for these benefits and Missouri’s governor Matt Blunt, says “that i don’t know what’s moral about a tax increase on hardworking Missouri families.”

I don’t know what’s moral about preventing people from being able to go to the doctor either. One woman interviewed for the story has three kids, works part time at McDonald’s and is set to loose her benefits because she’ll make more than the required $86.00 per week to qualify.

Jessica Robinson, the governor’s press secretary is spinning the cuts as they hope it will motivate people to learn a new trade or get a better job in order to keep health benefits. ahhh…compassionate conservatism. i love it.

do you think the governor or his press secretary will be affected by these cuts? a constant lack of healthcare, no regular checkups, and being forced to wait until a health problem is undeniably bad enough that a trip to the doctor or clinic or more likely, the emergency room is absolutely necessary will naturally lead to more debt for both the patient and the hospital when then patient can’t possibly pay for the medical care they’ve received.

what an absolutely brilliant plan.

If you’re from Missouri, or even if you’re not, you could always let the governor know that you’re happy that he’s taken to the moral highground on the issue of Medicaid:

Office of the Governor
Room 216, State Capitol Building
Jefferson City MO 65101
Telephone: (573) 751-3222


  1. jackie said:

    It’s been proven over and over that people who have no insurance at all end up costing states MUCH more than Medicaid does.

    so ridiculous.

  2. Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system. Health insurance is a major aspect to many.

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