staying up for no reason

so the new semester has started but i’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed. i think it has to do with the prospect of graduating in december. so although i really have little school work to do at present, i know that i need to get my resume in immediate working order, draft some cover letters and put together a reasonable website for myself.

just to make a list for my own list i need to:

– work on research project
– work on lab manual
– start readings project: for friday i need to have read
~ Porta, D. D., & Diani, M. (1999). Social movements: An introduction.
Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. Chapter 1. The study of social movements:
Collective behaviors, rational actions, protests, and new conflicts.
~ McAdam, D., McCarthy, J. D., & Zald, M. N. (1988). Social movements. In
N. J. Smelser (ed.), Handbook of Sociology. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.
~ Olson, M. (1965). The Logic of Collective Action. Introduction and Chapter 1
~ Oliver, P. (1993). Formal Models of Collective Action. Annual Review of
Sociology 19, 271-300
~ Oliver, P. E., & Marwell, G. (1988). The Paradox of Group Size in Collective
Action: A Theory of the Critical Mass. III. American Sociological Review,
53(1), 1-8.
~ Oliver, P. Marwell, G., & Teixeira, R. (1985). A Theory of the Critical
Mass, I. Interdependence, Group Heterogeneity, and the Production of
Collective Goods. American Journal of Sociology, 91(3), 522-556.

– start on unix homework
– put resume together
– draft a series of cover letters
– work on website templates
– start applying for jobs
– transplant seedlings
– dig up garden
– get books for the LANs workshop next week

…i’m sure there’s something else

so tonight what am i doing? i spent the last hour or so salvaging the vegetables from our fridge that are on the edge. we’re trying to eat better and waste less food at the same time. wasted food always drives me nuts but now that we’re trying to make a concerted effort, it bothers me even more. so i made spaghetti sauce out of an eggplant, several tomatoes that we just too mushy to eat any other way besides as sauce, a large onion, tons of garlic, and salt, pepper, and basil. it’s not too bad. as pete as been asleep since 8pm, i think it’s destined for the freezer to become a good-god-i’ve-been-at-school-16-hours-and-i’m-starving dinner.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    god, i feel the same way about food, and brooke and i are SO terrible with it! we’ll buy stuff we want to eat, and promptly forget about it, and it rots in the bottom of the fridge. it’s like throwing money away, damn. i want a clear fridge box on the counter, so i can always see what i have to much on.

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