long weekend report

i’ve had a totally awesome long weekend. thursday night was susan’s birthday party (happy birthday, susan). that night our friends from maryland, john & mark came into town so we met them at the irish lion after the party for a few drinks. friday night we had our veggie bbq.

thanks to everyone who was able to come out. we spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out. we ran around town, ate tibetan food, grilled, watched zombie movies and well …drank. it was a blast.

i miss baltimore. i miss our friends there. i need to get my resume together this week and start applying for jobs hardcore. if anyone has any leads on interesting jobs, especially in the baltimore, DC, philly region (my preference lies in that order), let me know!

  1. Anonymous said:

    Sarah, I feel your pain. Seriously. The only difference is that I leave in a week. I know, I suck.

    Man, B-Town is a really bad place to be single and gay. I’m glad I’m getting the &%^$ out of here.

    Yay! Then we’ll all be on the East Coast!


  2. Anonymous said:

    Through here?
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