things i don’t buy

usually i’m pretty good about staying away from snack food. the rare exception is if it’s around the office and i’m starving, road trips, or parties. even then i’ll usually only eat it if there’s just nothing else around.

this is all true until i go to an asian market, or an international food store. then suddenly food items i would usually shun make their way into my shopping cart and eventually, my stomach. items where palm oil is the 4th ingredient. shrimp crackers, pocky sticks, sweet canned coffee. i’m not sure what about this kind of shopping makes it okay for me to buy these products which are bloody terrible for you. and it’s not like going to shops that carry these items is a rarity. most of our shopping, at least in the summer, is done at an independent grocery which carries all manner of “specialty”, non-american food items. so i don’t know what gives, but the shrimp crackers that i indulged in this afternoon sure were good.


there are other things that i encountered today, that i just don’t buy.

like i don’t buy that jeb bush won’t consider running for president in 2008.

i also don’t buy that the indiana court ruling which demands that planned parenthood turn over the records of patients under age 14 are for the purpose of discovering and reporting child abuse. so much for doctor-patient confidentiality.

  1. Melissa said:

    I totally agree with you on the things not to be bought. Specifically the Plannned Parenthood thing. The Indy Star did an informal survey on that subject and I was extremely disappointed to see the majority of Hoosiers think its ok to violate privacy laws. Sigh. Let’s get out of this state!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Ahhhh, but you can experience the myteries of the orient by eating those super happy delicious shrimp crackers and/or ramen. Like any other asian thing that is sold to gaijin, I’m sure these things have been used for centuries as a natural way to effectively lose weight and/or fight cancer and/or raise our spiritual awareness.


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