indian summer

for the past couple of summers we’ve kind of tried to try new recipes. the summer right before we moved from baltimore we made lots of mexican food. last summer we made lots of soup and salad using ingredients from the farmer’s market. this summer we’ve decided to learn how to cook indian food. this is partially a result of the fact that we love indian food so much, and partially inspired by our professor, John’s amazing culinary skills.

you may have already heard pete’s first attempt a palak paneer, using Sashi’s recipe. it was a bloody disaster. tonight we attempted mutter paneer and roti, and i’m happy to report that it came out much better than the first attempt at indian food.

pete gets all the credit for the mutter paneer, i had nothing to do with it. however i did make the roti. i think it turned out pretty well especially for a first attempt. it was a bit akward at first, when it came time to put the roti on the flame but eventually i got used to it. purchasing tongs would help i think. this time i put it on and off the flame using chopsticks this time. the recipe came from Julie Sahni’s, Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking. I made 16 rotis, and there are only 5 left, so i guess it was okay. and not too difficult or time consuming really.

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